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Julian’s One Year | Family Portrait Session

How in the world is this sweet boy already one?!

It feels like I was just photographing Mariah’s maternity session. Which makes me reiterate something I always say when I look at my own kids… time moves too fast when you become parents.

Julian is so sweet. SO so sweet!! And for a one year old who is on the move, he sure did a wonderful job during his portrait time! I asked Mariah, “does he ever cry or fuss?” Because looking at that sweet boy and how happy he seems to be all the time, it’s hard for me to imagine he cries all that often. He just looks so happy all the time with the way his eyes light up and that smile…. it had me melted the second I saw it!!

I learned that, yes… baby Julian does cry. But it’s the sweetest cry I have ever heard. He loves his momma and daddy, and seeing my best friend love on her baby boy throughout their family session pulled at my heart strings so hard. Friendships become different when you have children… you may not see each other constantly and parenthood, and life, happens. We don’t see one another nearly as often as we all might want, but I know that our friendship is solid. And I know she understands that life happens constantly when you’re a mom. And life gets busy. But, it’s moments of celebration like this that always bring us together, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the person who is the reason for my daughter’s middle name, be the most amazing momma to Julian.

Chris, Mariah and Julian are an amazing little family. And though it can sometimes be hard to enjoy a session with a one year old who doesn’t quite know what smiling at the camera is, it really was a lot of fun! I told them “give me ten minutes and I can get a lot of photos.” I ended up getting I think over an hour in before Julian was through which amazed me!! He was just the best little man and I can’t wait to take more photos of him in the future!! You’ll see why 🙂

We re-created some photos from her maternity session in Julians nursery and with a milk bath. And I can’t decide which set I loved more!!!

Mariah + Chris, thanks again for letting me take these for you <3

xo – Jess

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