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Happy 6th Birthday, Skylar!!

6 years ago today I became a mom for the first time!! It was a wild journey to get to the moment I first laid my eyes on her, and I remember almost every minute of it vividly. 

My 8 lb 6oz baby girl took her sweet time coming into this world. Thinking about how much she loves to sleep in these days, it’s no wonder she waited a whole extra week past her due date to finally make an appearance!

I remember my April 25th due date coming and going with no sign of her arrival in the coming hours. I tried all the things to get her to come out naturally— hot sauce (which I absolutely despise anything spicy so that was a hard one), I think I waddled close to 2 miles that day, I rode a 4-wheeler, tried this oil stuff, bounced on a birthing ball for hours. Nothing worked. 

Then came my scheduled induction, and as I ate my meal in the cafeteria an hour before I was supposed to check in, I got a phone call saying they wouldn’t be able to admit me for my induction because they didn’t have room. I remember being hysterical and angry and sad. But I told them I wasn’t leaving. I had already showed up, was waiting downstairs and they can make room for me because I wasn’t going anywhere.

That’s how over the waiting game I was. In hindsight, being a crazy, stubborn pregnant lady probably wasn’t the greatest. But hey… us pregnant ladies get over it real quick at the end!

The process through Skylar’s labor was hard. The epidural failed. My back was killing me. My contractions were so strong and like no pain I had ever endured before. But I had an army of people in my room helping me through it and I was seriously so thankful for them being there through hours and hours of waiting.

At 5:24pm after 20 minutes of pushing, the sweetest and most sassiest baby girl was born. I remember saying “she’s still a girl right?!” Because funnily enough, my husband’s sister a few years before had planned for a boy and out came her daughter instead!! What a wild twist to the already wild story that would have been! I had two major fears leading up to the birth of my baby: 1) I would plan for a girl, would end up having a boy and my poor child would come home to a very girly nursery. Or 2) I would give birth in my car on the side of the road because I couldn’t make it to the hospital. 

Neither of which happened!!

Over the last 6 years I’ve had the best time watching my sweet little bug grow into a wonderful, sweet, still sassy, stubborn, brave, strong, beautiful, loving, caring, hypersensitive little girl. She loves rainbows and unicorns and mermaids and gardening. She loves lending a helping hand and telling her brother what to do. She’s SO smart… so so smart. Intuitive and compassionate. For 6 years old, I sometimes feel like I’m already looking at a teenager. We have conversations that take me off guard and her vocabulary is insane. She uses big words and can describe the funniest things. One of my favorite things is when she gets all riled up about something and stumbles over herself because she’s just so excited about it. 

I love tucking her in and when she snuggles up next to me. When we are laying together, without really thinking about it, she will hold my hand and rub the tops of my fingers with hers. It’s the sweetest of all time. 

I love her gentle hugs when she’s feeling affectionate and hard squeezes when she’s feeling sad. I love her laughs and the face she makes when she gets embarrassed. She has the most incredible dance moves and tenderest of hearts. And it’s the most privileged thing that I get to be this incredible child’s mother.

6 years of fun. 6 years of loving you. And 6 years of being loved by you. I know you’re bummed that it’s raining on your birthday, but I know you’ll enjoy everything we have planned for you <3

Happy birthday my sweet bug. Momma loves you so so much!

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