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Cori + Bank | Engagement Session | Wagon Hill Farm | Durham, New Hampshire

I am so thrilled that these two finally had their engagement session! And sorry guys, but this is a lengthy one!

I know Cori and Bank because Cori is one of my sister Rachael’s best friends!! Though I hadn’t officially met Bank until their engagement session, I knew from hanging around Rachael and her friends that he was the sweetest, and that he and Cori were just the perfect pair. When Cori contacted me about being her wedding photographer I nearly fainted from excitement!!! Knowing how special they both are to my little sister, and how genuine of a person I know Cori is, I wouldn’t have wanted anything else for them. So of course, my answer was YAAASS!!!

It feels like their engagement session took a lifetime to arrive (mostly because I was looking forward to it for months), and let me tell you, the anticipation I had leading up to their session was incredible!! Cori and I would message each other back and forth about her outfits, her hair and makeup (which she is a phenomenal make-up artist and you need to go follow her asap: @cori.mua on instagram!), and how the weather in Durham showed it would be a solid 70* and sunny for their session!!

They rolled up to Wagon Hill Farm and I literally squealed with excitement as they parked next to me. They both showed up in beautiful formal attire and my heart went sailing. Bank, who serves for the NH National Guard, was in full uniform and Cori wore an AMAZING gown that complimented Banks attire perfectly. The sun was glowy, it was finally warm, there was green grass instead of dead winter grass and everything was just simply perfect. Exactly what I envisioned for them!!

I could go on and on about my adoration for these two sweet individuals, but I actually asked some of their close friends to send some words for me to share with them as a surprise! So, Cori and Bank, enjoy my favorites and some sweet words from some of those closest to you <3

“Love is being stupid together. It’s being unapologetically yourself in all situations, knowing they will always welcome your weirdness and spontaneousness. Love is encouraging one another to improve in all ways of life and supporting them when need be. When I think of love I think of Cori and Banks connection. How they always come together, no matter the circumstances and guide each other through life. Two completely opposite souls came together to create a bond anyone would be lucky to have in a lifetime. I wish nothing but good memories and happy times for the both of you. Love you so so much.” – Kristen

“Cori & Bank- I love both of you more than I can say and it is an absolute honor to be a part of your wedding. Soon enough we’ll be a collective blubbering mess as we spend an entire day celebrating your love, but for now we can cry over the absolutely beautiful photos Jess captured of it. I hope you’re ready to have the best day ever because I won’t allow it to be anything less for two of my favorite people. I’ll be ready with tequila and plenty of tissues to wipe our tears. I LOVE YOU!” – Rach

“I’m extremely honored to be apart of your lives, and to call you guys my best friends. I only hope that everyone in the world can experience the connection and love that you two share. So many memories between you two and I’m grateful to be apart of even a glimpse of it. I can’t wait to be the best bridesman for your special day. I love you guys so much.” -Jameson

“To the future Mr. & Mrs — I cannot begin to tell you both how glad I am that I have had the opportunity to get to know the two of you. From the first time I spent time with the two of you together it was plain to see what a beautiful pair you are. You truly balance each other. You are two of the most kindhearted and humble people I’ve ever met and I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow together. All of my love.” – Kayla

“To my best friend and the love of her life, Cori and Bank, I am so grateful and honored to be part of your special day as your Maid of Honor! Your love is something to be greatly admired and it’s easy to see that from the amazing, beautiful photos celebrating your engagement! Cori, I am SO thankful to have met you so early on in life and that you have stayed my closest and treasured friend especially through the long distance that our friendship has taken us these past couple of years. I don’t know what I’d do without you!! Bank, I’m so happy that you are the one who gets to live this life with her! You’re the best and you are perfect for each other!! I love you both with all my heart!!! See you soon ❤️” -Katie

Hair done by Hair Designs with Krystal; IG handle – @krystalstylesxo

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