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Erica + Zach | A Spring Elopement | Old Stone Church | West Boylston, Massachusetts

It’s been a long two months for Erica and Zach, and let me tell you. For everyone facing a postponement of their wedding… well, the process isn’t for the faint heart.

The last time I saw Zach and Erica was in November for their engagement session. Since then, I’ve felt like I’ve gained two really good friends that I’ve known forever. We have been talking back and forth pretty consistently since then; Erica would send me photos of her hair trial, ask for some wedding advice, and most recently, her and my daughter shared the same birthday which was so fun!!

But in March, their minds started racing about what would happen in regards to the worlds chaos and their wedding, which they had planned to have on May 15th. Hearing the pain through their messages broke me in ways I never thought I would experience as a photographer, but I knew that I needed to do everything I could do to ease their minds through this scary and incredibly hard situation.

All I can say now is how incredibly proud I am of Zach and Erica for making the absolute best out of these circumstances. When they asked if I would come photograph their elopement, my heart was elated. I wouldn’t have wanted anything different, and despite the fact their plans had to change, it made me so happy that they would still become husband and wife on their original day!

I cried!! I won’t even try to hide it. I cried a few times leading up to their elopement day, and then I found myself crying again on the way to see them for the first time since November. I was nervous, excited, sad and thrilled all at the same time. When I pulled up and saw them standing there with smiles on their faces, I just knew things were going to be okay. Because in an hours time, they would finally be married and there is nothing better than after so many years of being together, finally sharing that moment you’ve waited so long for.

10 years. They have experienced 10 years together and now they are officially. Mr. and Mrs. White!! They had their closest friends and family there (don’t worry, we all social distanced and I wore a mask ?), and it was one of the most incredibly fun moments I have experienced yet. When you can take a hard situation and turn it around to be something beautiful, that’s when you know you’re winning.

Zach and Erica, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me in your lives to serve you, comfort you and remind you that the storm doesn’t last forever. Your day was so beautiful, and I can’t WAIT to finally hug you and help you celebrate once again <3 Love you both so much!!

The amount of fun they all had was pure and amazing!!! SUCH a perfect time!!!

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