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Happy 5th Birthday, Zakaree!

Oh, my sweet boy is another year older and I have a hard time deciphering my feelings about it!

5 years ago, the most incredible little boy on the face of the planet (yeah, I’m quite bias) was born. It’s crazy how different his birth was from Skylar’s, in the sense he came one day earlier than his due date and he came all naturally!! No waiting an extra week, no long crazy hours working through intense labor, though his labor was extremely hard despite how much faster it was.

The best memory I have about his birth story was when my water broke. I had started laboring at home for at least a week prior, with a few false alarms, but knowing what contractions were the second time around, I knew I was getting close as his due date pushed closer.

On June 5th I laid on my couch scrolling on Instagram and saw my friend who was due right around the same time as Zakaree, went into labor and was about to have her baby boy any time. I messaged her saying out jealous I was because I was so uncomfortable and just ready for little man to come, and little did I know that just hours later, I would wake up to my water breaking.

It was so crazy! I was in the middle of a dream that my water had broken and I was running to the hospital. I woke up because I had a strong urge to go to the bathroom, and when I made it across the living room, my water let go!! It was SO crazy! I had a dream my water broke and then I woke up and it actually happened!!

Contractions started almost immediately after it broke, and by the time I got settled into my delivery room an hour later, I was already in a lot of pain. I remember begging for as much food as I could get in between contractions because I was SO hungry!! I ate so many grapes, like two cheese burgers and chocolate milk — and let’s just say it didn’t stay down too long.

After only about 8 hours of labor and 6 minutes of pushing, out came my 8lb 14 oz baby boy!! He had jet black hair, and has truly been a momma’s boy from the start!! He had a very rough first year of life, but each year since then has been growth by leaps and bounds.

I love how funny he is. Oh my gosh, this boy can make you laugh with all the things that come out of his mouth!! He’s a true boy through and through — he loves hard work, playing in the dirt, rough housing, being crazy, riding his bike, and best of all… he loves cuddling his momma. His love can be a bit aggressive, but it’s just how he communicates his feelings. He loves Spiderman, trains, is obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas and most recently, Star Wars!

His personality is so genuine, and he will compliment you in the most sweetest ways. He enjoys taking ladies out on dates, complete with a bow tie and chocolate milk on the rocks! He captivates everyone he comes into contact with. I have a feeling it’s those baby brown eyes of his!! He’s sweet, passionate, and just so special.

They say moms and their sons have a special bond, and that’s probably the most accurate thing in existence. It’s hard watching him not be my small baby boy who used to only want to lay on my chest, but it’s exciting to see him grow into a bright and heart filled little man.

5 years of aggressive hugs and kisses. 5 years of you adoring me. 5 years of hearing your incredible laugh. Enjoy your birthday baby boy. Mommy loves you!!!!

The first time Skylar met her little brother, and she was not a fan!!
AAAAAAANNNDDD this is where his personality starts to shone ?
Not having it
This was his “spin and pose” ???
Didn’t know what to do with his hand when I said hold up 5 fingers for being 5 ? He said “mom I don’t like it but okay”
Think this was his favorite part ??
I just love him!!!

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