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Wedding Invitations + Websites | Why I love Basic Invite!

Okay ladies and gents! It’s time I put up a blog post that is something more educational than my normal sessions and weddings!

If you are a #coralcompasscouple, or you simply have been following me long enough, you know that I looooove me some wedding invitation suites! Beautifully crafted wedding stationary creates the statement for what your guests can expect on your wedding day, and are pieces that create for a fluid theme in your overall wedding gallery. As a photographer, shooting the invitation suite is one of my top favorite pieces to the gallery puzzle.

One thing I can’t photograph, but is also a very important piece to your wedding experience, is your wedding website! I love searching my couple’s wedding websites because it usually showcases everything I need to know about them, who their closest friends are that will be standing up next to them, and a little bit about who they are. So, from a vendor standpoint, it’s a great way to get to know you and what you have planned! But it’s also a one stop shop for you guests, which is the most important piece.

So… why do I love Basic Invite?

I’ve come across many different wedding stationary sites, but nothing quite like Basic Invite! This site is a one stop shop for everything you need for your guests and all the details!

Couples can create a wedding website for free (yes, free!) that are super user (and mobile) friendly, completely customizable to match your wedding stationary (or not), and you can even drop a map with detailed instructions on how to find your venue! This is big for me when I see this feature, because I know I myself am not that good with directions all the time ?

If you haven’t tackled the task of picking out wedding stationary, it can be a little daunting and slightly overwhelming if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for. What I personally love when I see a Basic Invite suite is that they have over 900 options, and everything comes in a set. Meaning, you pick a design, and it comes with the invite, save the date, custom thank you cards, menu cards, programs — the whole nine! On top of that, they also offer envelopes that come in over 40 different colors so that your wedding is making a statement before the big announcement is ever opened!

When it comes to wedding stationary, Basic Invite is unmatchable with their almost unlimited color options. This, for me, would be important because I know finding that perfect coral and pink color tone can be hard! Each detail can be fulyl customized, making your wedding invitations truly one of their own.

So why do I love Basic Invite? They offer truly one of a kind designs that are modern, sleek and speak to everyone. Whether you want something more vintage, romantic, simple or elegant, they have options for every couple and special event. Photographing stationary is something I truly admire because it’s the first piece to the big day and is so impactful to the overall gallery I deliver to my clients. That’s also why, I ask my couple’s to save me a set for when I shoot their details on their wedding day!!

Be sure to check out Basic Invite’s website and follow them on social media for some inspiration:

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*All images provided by Quincey Koenig from Basic Invite*

Custom thank you cards are super important for thanking your guests for coming to celebrate your new season of life!! Basic Invite offers a variety of Thank You’s that are a perfect way to close your wedding out!

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