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Taylor + AJ | A Summer Ocean Front Wedding | Good Harbor Beach | Gloucester, Massachusetts

This wedding has made me feel like things are slowly getting back to normal. Though AJ and Taylor’s wedding was originally supposed to take place in January of 2021, they decided that it was best to move up the timeline, and though they really made the decision about a month ago, you would have never known because of how much detail and thought was put behind their big day!!

Watching the forecast like a hawk, the chance of rain danced around a bit and I was a little nervous things weren’t going to pan out. But, by another round of my incredible luck on wedding days, there was NO rain until AFTER all portraits were done!! However, despite there being no rain, there was incredibly dense fog. I have never seen fog on the ocean like this before!!! But the craziest part was that the fog lifted briefly EXACTLY during the ceremony and lasted through most of their portraits!!! It was literally one of the wildest moments I’ve ever experienced. As soon as Taylor came down the aisle, the sun started shining through the clouds and fog just enough that it created for beautiful portraits!!

Taylor and AJ’s daughter, Teagan, and I are now best friends!!! She is just the sweetest thing and oh my gosh, my little heart couldn’t take how beautiful and funny she is!! I think I won her over by loving her joke, that came to be the line of the entire wedding day, which if you want to know, went a little something like this…

Teagan: “guess what?”

Me: “what?!”

Teagan: “CHICKEN BUTT!!!!!!!”

OH MY GOSSHHHHH!!!! Between her sweet voice saying chicken butt and her cute face, I was in heaven. The three of them together just melted me into a puddle. The way she ran to her daddy for their first look, and the love she had for her momma…. oh man. I wish we could do this day all over again!!

I really enjoyed their day for so many reasons, but getting to know their sweet families was the best and most refreshing feeling. Though it was humid, sticky and foggy… it was nothing but perfect!!!

Special thanks to Jenn with Jennifer Halla Photography for second shooting with me, and Ashlee from Still Water Wedding Films for being there to video their day!! AND thank you to Taylor’s mom, Debbie, for being so welcoming and loving the entire day! I know it’s not easy not being the photographer for the day, and I appreciate you trusting me with your girl’s wedding day portraits <3

Last but not least, thank you AJ, Taylor and Teagan for having me be there to serve you!!! I hope you enjoy some of my very favorites from your wedding <3

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