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Cassie & Mike

A Winter Engagement Session On The Beach in Southport, Connecticut

Ahhhhh! The first session of 2021 was perfect and it really set the tone for me for the rest of the year. I feel fired up, excited, and cannot wait to the nitty gritty of this year.

While there’s still so much going on in the world, it was nice to start the second day of the new year with two super outgoing individuals!! Mike and Cassie invited me to their neck of New England and though their session happened at the beginning of January, it was 55* and sunny with only sprinkles of snow here and there… and it was perfect!!!

I loved walking around the beach with them and hearing them reminisce on how Mike proposed to her. They were getting ready for a family trip to California and the night before they were to take off, he decided that would be the best time to ask the question. He had already called Cassie’s parents so they were expecting her to call that night with some really big news!! Well… she called her parents before the proposal happened, kinda confusing them but they played along, and ended up talking to them for quite awhile which kept Mike in limbo waiting and waiting for the moment to finally come. Finally, after she had hung up, he pushed the coffee table out the way and asked her to stand up. It was funny talking about this part because Cassie said she was super confused like “what? What’s wrong what’s going on?!” type of thing!! Well… Mike got down on one knee and asked her to marry him and they got to spend the rest of that night before their trip calling to tell everyone!!

It’s nice when I get to hear the excitement in their voices as they retell their story. I’m so excited for their wedding to come, more so after their session because it was flawless!! It always amazes me when my couple’s say they have never had professional photos taken before and they spend the entire session crushing it!! It happens way more often than not, and it was genuinely the best time walking around taking beautiful sunny and glowy portraits in Southport.

Cassie and Mike, thank you so much for meeting with me!!! It was literally perfect and I can’t wait for your wedding to come so we can do it again! Enjoy some of my maaaany many favorites from your session!

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