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Amie & Blaine

A Winter Elopement at Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire

I am so thrilled with Amie and Blaine’s beautiful elopement gallery!!

Like so many others, their wedding plans changed drastically because of… well, you know by now. They originally were set to go to Greece (oh em gee!!!!) to get married, then plan B was Louisiana… but unfortunately with the way the world happened they had to fall back on plan C. Which I personally was so excited about because it meant I got the opportunity to serve them!!!

It was one of the snowiest, wet and cold wedding days of my career. I’ve done a few winter weddings but this felt 100% through and through like winter. And despite the weather being a bit of an obstacle, it was honestly just so beautiful. Amie styled herself in a vintage inspired look… her wedding gown was flawless, which she paired with these incredible heels and beautiful rose gold accent jewelry (my favorite!!). Blaine bought her this stunning set of diamond earrings that matched a diamond necklace, and even got her a matching rose gold opal ring. Blaine is one heck of a gentleman and romantic, and the way they looked at one another was just so warm and full of light.

Despite the choatic weather, I just want to go on the record and say Amie is one of the most badass brides for strutting across the parking lot through slush and rain in her HIGH HEELS for the ceremony!!!! Her heels, which were not short by any means, and the ones that were covered in beautiful rhinestones, walked with her to the ceremony site and I was just in awe.

Though it was only Blaine, Amie, Jessica (her friend), myself (Jess #2) and their JP, in that moment, it was all that was needed. It was a beautiful ceremony, and their vows were nothing short of lovely. One thing I really loved was the story about why penguins mean so much. Amie told Blaine how when a male penguin courts a female penguin, he brings her a pebble. If she accepts the pebble, they bond and mate for life. The very next day, after work and during a thunderstorm, Blaine went to the beach and brought her a handful of pebbles. One of the detail shots in this post actually is of a pebble that he gave her that was made into a necklace.

And y’all…. if that doesn’t scream romantic and thoughtful, I don’t know what does!!!

Blaine and Amie, it was an absolutely wonderful time getting to know you, even if it was so brief. I’m thankful you welcomed me into your wedding plans, and that despite the weather being classic New England winter weather, we still were able to make some really beautiful magic happen. Enjoy some of my favorites from your day

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  1. Toni James says:

    Beautiful. Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Magical.
    I love ALL the photos and the story.