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Charli Drew | Month Two

Two months?! I’ll keep on saying this til I am blue in the face… time is highway robbery. It’s such a thief. I cannot believe we have already had two whole months with our girl!!!

While these last two months with her have been sweeter than sugar, it’s also been so sad that those newborn days are already over and TECHNICALLY speaking she is now just a baby. Not really a newborn baby.

I can see how much she has changed already. It’s plain as day to me. I study her face every time I give her a bottle and it’s in her eyes I can tell the most that she’s growing so quickly. It’s so much fun watching her grow and I am looking forward to the next milestones, but I just wish I had a little more time to enjoy each of these early days.

Month two was a whirlwind and so much seemed to happen! Shortly after her one month mark she ended up with a slight fever that wouldn’t go away. Finally after 3 days of it hovering around 100-101 and medicine only keeping it at bay for a short while, I decided to bring her in. Her pediatricians office sent us to the ER right away and while I was trying hard to remain calm and collected, inside I was panicking because it brought me right back to when Zakaree was a baby.

When Zak was a baby it was a traumatizing time in a way. His whole first year of life was spent in and out of the ER. When he was one month old they suspected he had bacterial meningitis and told me to prepare for him not to make it. It didn’t end up being meningitis, but that whole experience of being a young mom to two babies and being so alone was traumatic. So walking through the ER with Charli, even though I knew deep down it was nothing too serious, (I could just tell), my heart still sank and I ended up having a slight panic attack in the ER waiting room. You never want to see a sick baby, but add in how scary it is to even be in a hospital right now with COVID and not being able to have KJ with me it was just so overwhelming.

After what seemed like an eternity in the hospital with her, we were discharged and it turns out she just had a little infection that would be cleared up with antibiotics. Once she started on the medicine we had our content little baby back and it’s been uphill from there!

One thing that I have really enjoyed during month two has been how expressive she’s been!! She’s started cooing and responding to us talking to her. When Zak walks up to her she just lights up at him! She loves when Sky sits with her and talks with her and her daddy is totally wrapped around her finger. Though… I think she might be more of a momma’s girl 😉

It’s been so so so so sweet. I love this so much. I love watching my three kids be in the same room, even if most days I am still figuring out life being a mom to three kids. Some days it’s been overwhelming, but most days are filled with happy baby smiles and lots of snuggles from all three of my babies.

One thing she’s also done this last week of month two?! SHE’S LEARNED TO FALL ASLEEP IN HER CRIB AT NIGHT 🥺 Little miss independent has done SO well with her crib at night, and even gives us 5 hour stretches to start the night!! It’s incredible. I can’t believe how much has changed in just 60 days.

Some fun things we have also done:

  • Mommy had her first wedding day since having Charli!! It was a long day but she had the best time hanging with her daddy and siblings while mommy was out doing her thing 🙂
  • Charli had her first Valentine’s Day! I am SO excited to see her through a year full of first holidays 🙂
  • Skylar and I went to her first concert ever! We saw JoJo Siwa and it was AMAZINGGG!!!
  • We had our FIRST FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT as a family of 5 and I am OBSESSED with those images, courtesy of H. MacLean Photography!!
  • We visited some friends and have had some fun outings with them!

I’m excited to see where month 3 takes us, but here’s a highlight of our month with our girl!!

xo – Jess

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