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Charli Drew | Month Three

I can’t believe it. Three whole months – a quarter of a year – with this sweet little girl.

While my heart continues to ache at how fast time is moving, each month is getting a little more fun as she learns more about this wild world around her. This month she has truly discovered her hands and how much she LOVES to chew on them!! It’s hysterical to me when she’s going to town on them, even if her daddy isn’t as big a fan of it, it’s still so fun to watch her discover them. She’s also found her voice a little more this month! Her babbles are starting to ramp up and when her and I have “conversations” it’s always the highlight of my day.

She also does this really funny thing KJ and I call the “zoomies.” Yes, like when a dog zooms around the house like a maniac. Well, when she starts moving, kicking and just having a good time vibin’… that’s Charli’s version of the zoomies!! It’s the best haha!

We took our first big field trip as a family this month to the Boston Aquarium. Charli chilled out the entire time, and we even got to stop for dinner on the way home which we hadn’t really done as a family yet! We’ve taken a few trips to our friend Mikayla’s work, but it’s a little different when she doesn’t have her aunties to help entertain her!

Charli Drew has started giggling at mommy (I think she might find me a little funnier 😜) and is still the biggest fan of her sissy and brubba (Skylar’s version of brother when she was younger!). We get some of the most beautiful smiles from her and it’s truly wonderful. My favorite routine is our bedtime routine. Every other night we do bath time together and then mommy goes through the bedtime snuggles and getting into all the cute jammies. She’s officially transitioned out of her swaddle (womp womp) which is good timing because she also rolled from her belly to her back for the first time!!! KJ was so sad he missed it by literally a minute but we know more rolling is on it’s way!

We are on the brink of saying goodbye to her 0-3 month clothing which is a bittersweet milestone. It’s absolutely insane that we are already this far along with our sweet babe. I see how much she has changed from month two to three, and it’s just simply incredible and magical. I can’t wait to see what month four brings us, as it’s the last official month of maternity leave. Even though I am busier than I wanted to be in April, I’ll still be soaking up so much time with my girl and I feel so grateful I am in the position to do so.

We are looking forward to spring & summer — that’s for sure ❤️

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