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Lexi & Steven

A Summertime Maternity Session

I will never not be excited when my couple’s call me up later on down the road after their wedding or elopement, and say “we gotta book a maternity session!” It makes my sappy little photographer’s heart so happy. There will be times when I won’t see my couple’s after the wedding, but that is not the case with these two who are the absolute best!! I think this is blog number 4 with them? AND I AM NOT MAD ABOUT IT 😍

Lexi is the cutest thing pregnant. And I just LOVED the earthy vibes for the session. They picked their very own home as the location and let me just say… I am SO proud of them for all their hard work making their house a home! Steven filled me in on all the long days spent getting the house ready to move into and I am so impressed by his skill and ability work on seemingly everything. They have a GORGEOUS yard where I can see them running around with their sweet little baby girl Wren, who I have no doubt will be the most incredible mix of her mom and dad!

Lexi and Steven are just a couple weeks away from meeting her now, and I know all too well how long yet exciting these last days and weeks are waiting to see when little babe will come.

Thank you both so much for letting me come walk around your beautiful home and take photos celebrating this next season of life for you!!! I hope you two are able to rest and enjoy all the moments, both leading up to her arrival and when she finally makes her appearance, and I truly hope to meet little baby Wren sometime in the future! Here are some of my favs from your gallery ❤️ All the love and good vibes.

xo – Jess

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