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Annie & Derek

A Celebratory Couple’s Session at the Boston Public Gardens in Boston, Massachusetts

Eeeeeek! I am so excited that I got to take these portraits for Derek and Annie to celebrate them getting married the following day! And let me tell you… that morning light hits a wee bit different 😍

While they were headed to the Boston courthouse the following day and planned to celebrate with a Harbor Cruise planned later in the evening with their favorite people (is that genius or what?!), we pretended it was actually their special day and had the best time hanging around the gardens taking beautiful portraits at 7am! The light and calm in Boston in that hour was truly gorgeous. I got there a little early to take the morning in while I waited for the to-be-married couple to arrive and I was SO excited to get started!

Annie wore a stunning and simple white wedding gown that was flowy and perfect!! Derek wore a dapper blue suit with a surprise little bumble bee pin that represented how they met. It brought me right back to their beachy engagement session last year and I had the best time celebrating them, even if my loud personality seemed to attract a little attention 😆

I was obsessed with the willows trees that were seemingly everywhere. We found the BEST willow towards the end where they danced and cuddled up as the light streamed through the willow branches juuuust right! We even found the “Make Way for Ducklings” which I had never heard of before, but Derek and Annie were kind enough to fill me in on the meaning of the duck statues!

I hope you both had so much fun spending the morning with me, and I truly hope you had the best time ever getting married and boating around the harbor!!!! Enjoy some of my favorites from your gallery ❤️

xo – Jess


***blogs are a highlight of sessions & weddings, and are not completed galleries. Final galleries will be sent in the coming weeks!***

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