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Nikki + Meghan | A Modern Rockabilly Inspired Engagement Session | Salem, New Hampshire

I first met Nikki and Meghan at Lacey + Travis’ wedding this past summer, and I was so freakin’ happy when Nikki reached out to me and asked me about photographing their wedding in January!!

Truth be told I have never done a themed shoot before and I was a teeny bit nervous about it because I have two amazing ladies who I didn’t want to let down because they specifically asked to do something out of the box (which yaaaass). But they were literally so amazingly chill and down to earth, and it was everything I love in life!! Once I started photographing them, I knew right away that my time with them was going to be not only breezy, but so much fun! They were natural, super duper outgoing and connected with one another in a way that makes it easy to show the world who they are together. I especially loved how Nikki would throw her arm around Meg, and their embrace was always genuine. There is nothing forced about these photos!

I had never set foot into MaryAnn’s before but it was better than I had expected it to be. The vintage decor was exactly what I was hoping for, and though the outside space was limited, I am incredibly happy with how glowy the light was and how everything came together!

Mega shout out to the ladies at MaryAnn’s for not thinking I’m crazy while moving around and being obnoxious in the middle of their diner (seriously need to have a meal there formal next time!), and Emily for tagging along!!!

I am sooooooo stoked that these two will be the ones to kick off my 2020 wedding season!!!

Megs and Nikki — thank you so much for hanging with me, even though it was a tad chilly! You both rocked it ?

xo – Jess

Love this one!
That glooooow!!!
Seriously I love these two and their energy!!
sttooopppppp, I have too many favs!!!
Me: “Okay, now what about a heel click?”
THIS ONE TAKES IT FOR ME!! I have always wanted to try this kind of portrait, and though it’s been the hype for a while among other artists, I now understand why. This photo, to me, is so powerful!!!
Ahhhhh! I love this one!!
Pretty sure I blocked the door and someone grumbled at me, but ask me if I care cause I love this!!
Just for fun, since everyone else is doing it, might as well start making GIFs 😉

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