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Sarah + Ryan | A Spring Elopement | Opechee Park | Laconia, New Hampshire

May 25th was supposed to look a lot different for Ryan and Sarah, but they made the absolute best of it. In their words, they got the best of both worlds! A small intimate elopement on the original day, and they will also be having the bigger celebrations later this year!

It’s hard during times as wild as the ones we are in to not dwell on the fact wedding plans have had to drastically change. But these two have been so optimistic about the changes, and seeing everything they put together for their small elopement on Monday made my heart so happy! They brought the works — cake, champagne, their doggo’s and music! AND, to top it all off and really make my heart explode, Sarah brought little details for me to photograph!!

They set up a little table with a beautiful piece of tapestry used as a table cloth, had a “Suck It COVID-19” cake, little wedding dog cookies, a beautiful vow book and even a bouquet. Sarah had their jean jackets made that said “til death do us part” on the back which was totally them, and was a perfect little touch to showcase their personalities. If anyone remembers Ryan’s epic baboon shirt that I absolutely LOVED for their engagement photos, he wore a TIGER print shirt for their elopement and y’all…. if that’s not the most incredibly accurate piece of clothing for a time where Tiger King has taken over during a pandemic, I don’t know what is!!!

It was a fun time hanging with them as they danced, bee-bopped around while taking photos, shared airplane noises while feeding cake to one another and popped champagne to take the edge off. They killed it, and I am so thrilled that I will get to watch them celebrate again in just a few months!!

Sarah and Ryan, thank you for being so creative, fun and wonderful, and for having me come hang out to document your “I do’s” !! I can’t wait to see you both again real soon <3

Okay, so. Peep Sarah’s incredible hair color and hair piece!!! I’m inspired to make my hair bright like that cause I love it!! Also, purchasing flowers from Shaw’s and making bouquets is a legitimate thing. That’s what Sarah did and look at how amazing it came out!! And, my brother-in-law does the same thing all the time and they look like high end purchased bouquets. If you need a bouquet, give all your money to Shaw’s lol!

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