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An End of Winter Maternity Session at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine

I can’t believe Haley and Derek are expecting a sweet little boy in just a few weeks!! It feels like their 2019 wedding just happened, while at the same time, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen them! When Derek’s mom reached out to purchase a surprise maternity session for them I nearly cried. There is nothing like celebrating another incredible life milestone with one of my past couples. The fact that I was able to meet with Derek and Haley again has brought me so much joy, and I cannot wait for them to welcome their little babe!!

It was cold at Laudholm farm. It feels like the wind has been brutal the last few weeks, and though Spring is just barely out of reach and there was hardly any snow left on the ground in Wells, ME, the Winter season definitely showed its head! I was incredibly impressed at the fact that Haley wore a short dress even though it was freezing, and let me just say…. I AM IN LOVEEEEE with the fact she wore velvet (I’m obsessed with velvet lately lol!) and that they chose colors that matched the same colors they chose for their wedding!! It was exactly what I envisioned. Haley looked so beautiful and though the temps were working against us, they both rocked every second we were out there.

I can’t spoil the name choice because it isn’t 100% set in stone, but let me just say, I swooned over the name they might be naming their little one. And all I can picture in my head is baby overalls and conductor hats! 😍 I’m so thankful to hear their pregnancy has been relatively easy so far, and that all three of them have been healthy through the last several months. Derek and Haley — I can’t wait to see if your sweet boy will have red-ish hair, and I am so thankful I was able to celebrate this new season of life with you!!

Enjoy some of my favorites ❤️

xo – Jess


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