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Baby Josie

A Lifestyle Newborn Session at The Valentine Room in Dover, New Hampshire

Ahhhhhhhh!!! My heart is happy. Truly so happy. I squeezed in this session right before my wedding and it was nice to step back from the wedding chaos and do something I love, with a little fam I love, and take a new set of milestone photos for them!!

Yes, Erica and Zach were indeed on the blog not that long ago because we just did their maternity portraits in Rhode Island! This time they came to my neck of New England and I am so freaking happy it all worked out. I mean, I got to take their photos, meet their sweet baby girl Josie, and then they went to get Mr. Mac’s on the way home. So I would say it’s a win-win, right? 🤪

This angel baby is absolutely perfect. She was WIDE awake for her photos, but like my own baby girl, she is a little babe who enjoys motion. Her daddy rocked her around the room, her momma had the perfect butt pats to soothe her. And gosh… it was genuinely so sweet to see these two, who are essentially Coral Compass OG’s, go from engaged, to married, to expecting and now they are parents!!! My tender little heart is so incredibly happy for them ❤️

Enjoy some baby Josie spam!!!

xoxoxo – Jess

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